What is Softscaping?

Softscape includes all the living elements on your property’s landscape. At Fleming Group, LLC, we use living plants to create interest, wildlife habitat, curb appeal, privacy, and climate control alike. Complementing your softscape with water features is a great way to enhance your backyard getaway.

Softscape is a beautiful focal point for your home or business’ landscape. A well-designed softscape is worth the investment since it will last you many years with proper upkeep. Good softscaping from a trusted landscaping company will provide the best opportunity for establishing healthy growth for many years to come!

Softscaping in Neenah, WI

There are many species of plants you can choose from and all of our nursery products come from local certified growers in the Fox Valley area. When you contact us, we’ll discuss which flower beds, grass, shrubs, and trees you want to plant.
Using quality nursery stock and seed will provide you with a long-term, low maintenance, and disease resistant project. The purchase of plant material from a box store may save a few dollars in the short-term but likely will not provide the long-term results you are hoping to achieve.
Contact Fleming Group, LLC today or give us a call at 920-378-4751 for professional softscaping services in Neenah, WI. We will bring your landscape vision to life!

Custom Softscape & Hardscape Services

No matter if you’re looking for hardscape and softscape maintenance or you need a new yard remodel altogether, we are your local landscaping company!

Many clients come to us needing both professional softscaping and hardscaping services.

If that’s you, we will provide you a quote for incorporating both living softscape elements as well as hardscape features such as outdoor kitchens, patios, driveways, walkways, and retaining walls. You can also complement your home or commercial property with water features to make your landscape a beautiful oasis!

Softscaping FAQs

What does the term softscape mean?

Softscaping includes any living vegetation/elements in your landscape like flowers, grass, soil, shrubs, and trees. These are the plants that are incorporated alongside your hardscape features. It’s important to make sure that your softscape comes from local certified growers. Additionally, be sure to routinely care for your softscape and leave plenty of room for your plants to grow.

What is the difference between hardscapes and softscapes?

Hardscape elements refer to all the hard features of an outdoor space. These include your retaining wall, brick or stone path, driveway, steps, stoops, patio, etc. The softscape elements of your landscape design include living plants and soil. Anything that is softscape is living and matures and changes over time.

How to do softscaping?

When planning your project, you should first choose a trusted landscaping company with great online reviews. These professionals will be able to help you first determine what hardscape elements you want. Constructing the hardscape elements first is best because you can easily plant softscape elements around the hardscape. Also, your company will help you find the right balance between your stone, brick, or concrete features and your lush plants to ensure you don’t end up with too much softscaping.

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Have you always dreamed of improving your landscape? The experts at Fleming Group, LLC have years of experience in the industry with softscape design to complement your front yard, patio, swimming pool, driveways, walkways, and other hardscape elements.

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