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Waterfall Designs & Outdoor Fountains

Are you looking to create a tranquil, outdoor oasis for your backyard? With more than three decades of experience, Fleming Group, LLC takes great pride in designing and installing water features such as waterfalls, outdoor fountains, and water walls for residential and commercial properties.

Our team has personally installed many outdoor waterfalls, fountains, and natural ponds for our clients. We create natural looking water features that are easy to maintain and provide many years of enjoyment! Please view some of our landscape service projects below to see our work and discover water feature ideas for your own project.

To get started with your outdoor water feature installation, please contact us here or call us at 920-378-4751 so you can relax to the soothing sounds of water!

Outdoor Water Feature Services

Is it time to finally invest in that beautiful oasis you’ve always dreamed of?

Let Fleming Group, LLC make your dream backyard waterfall, natural pond, fountain, or water wall come to life!

Waterfall Designs & Installations

Custom waterfall designs can create a visually stunning focal point to your backyard. We will work with you to create a natural waterfall that spills over rock, stone, or brick formations. Our quality waterfall installations complement your landscape and even other outdoor water features.

Waterfall installations range from small trickles of running water that complement your flower garden to much larger waterfalls and rock formations. Your waterfall design can also flow down into a custom natural pond. There are endless possibilities for your waterfall!

Contact Fleming Group, LLC today to discuss pricing, materials, and more for your custom waterfall installation and design project.

Water Fountain Designs & Installations

Water fountain designs are another way to add aesthetic appeal to your home garden, lawn, plants, and overall landscape. For example, outdoor water fountains add a focal point to your stone and brick patio area.

Water fountains are simple water features to add, making them a popular choice. They are also one of the more economical choices for home and business owners. The water simply collects in the basin at the bottom where a small pump is situated. This water is then pumped back to the top and the cycle repeats.

If you’re on a budget, consider adding a water fountain! Contact our team today about installing an attractive water fountain to your home or business’ landscape.

Natural Ponds Designs & Installations

Thinking about building a natural pond to your landscape? A garden pond creates a space for fish, frogs, birds, microorganisms, and plants to live and thrive. You may even want to consider having us install a waterfall, pond, and even a stream for an impressive backyard water feature.

Our team has years of experience designing natural ponds with a careful eye for detail. Each project is unique and designed to complement the space and landscape of your backyard. We can also provide tips on how to care for your natural pond.

Contact Fleming Group, LLC today for more information about pond installations!

Water Walls Designs & Installations

Another outdoor water feature to add to your home or business’ landscape is the water wall. Water walls are a relaxing and visually interesting addition – and not only that, they’re easy to maintain! Also, with a water wall, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of caring for a pond.

Water walls are the perfect water feature for your patio! Any time you invite your friends over for a barbeque, sit outside to read a book, or rest in your hammock, you’ll enjoy hearing the relaxing sound of running water.

If you are a busy home or business owner who is interested in a pondless water feature, then talk to us about installing a water wall. It’s the perfect option for if you want to hear the sound of running water while also benefiting from low maintenance!

Water Feature Services in Neenah, WI

With more than three decades of industry experience, you can trust Fleming Group, LLC to provide expert services and install the perfect water feature for your landscape.

We can also provide you water feature ideas if you’re unsure of what exactly you’re looking for. To get started, please call our landscape design company at 920-378-4751, or by filling out our contact form. Softscape and hardscape services add to your water featured landscape.