Hardscape Services

Looking for hardscape services in Neenah, WI and the Fox Valley area? Fleming Group, LLC is your source for professional patios, sidewalks, outdoor kitchens, to create beautiful aesthetic appeal for your home’s exterior.

What is Hardscaping?

The term “hardscape” has become a term widely accepted by the general public and a buzz word in just the past few years. Hardscaping refers to those elements in the landscape that encompass retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Any hardscape project must have one design criteria that never falls short…base preparation. In the Mid-Western states, due to frost-thaw cycles, it is extremely important to implement the best practices available when creating your hardscape element for your home or business. This means that we always use proper gravel base layers or a concrete footing.

Fleming Group, LLC strives to produce projects that not only meet but exceed the requirements necessary for life-long enjoyment. Contact us by giving us a call at 920-378-4751 or emailing us at steve@fgllc.net and we’ll be happy to discuss your hardscape project!

Professional Residential Landscaping Services

Is it time to improve your home’s exterior? Our residential landscaping services include working with brick, concrete, stones, etc., to make your home’s patio, steps, stoops, sidewalks, fire pits, outdoor kitchen and grilling area, fireplaces, and retaining walls come to life.


Choose Fleming Group, LLC to make your beautiful patio a reality! We follow the best practices to ensure a proper gravel layer or concrete footing to gain the longest life possible. Our experts can design a beautiful landscape that complements your existing home and garden.

From entertaining guests to grilling, patios are a great investment for your home. Create memories with a beautiful patio design by giving us a call today at 920-378-4751!

Retaining Walls & Sidewalks

Retaining walls are unique hardscape elements that help organize your outdoor space and designate walking areas. While retaining walls are a structural need, they also serve as an aesthetic element in your yard.

Garden walls, more specifically, provide more visual interest, complementing your garden with stone and concrete designs. Contact our team today about adding retaining walls, garden walls, sidewalks, and walking areas to the exterior of your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

From outdoor grilling and entertaining guests, to relaxing on a warm, summer night, an outdoor kitchen can add value and visual appeal to your home. For your outdoor kitchen construction, you’ll need materials such as concrete, brick, and wood that can withstand high temperatures.

Outdoor kitchen ideas can include a grilling area, fireplace, and stove. Ready to make your dream outdoor kitchen come to life? Let us help you create your outdoor oasis!

Hardscaping FAQs

What is considered hardscape?

Hardscape refers to any non-living elements of your landscaping. This refers to anything that consists of stone, bricks, concrete, rocks, pavers, or wood. Softscaping, by contrast, refers to flowers, shrubs, and trees in your landscape.

What are the benefits of hardscaping?

Unlike softscaping, which requires mowing, pruning, water, and the right amount of sunlight, hardscaping usually requires very little to no maintenance. Additionally, hardscaping can significantly increase the accessibility and value of your property.

How much does hardscaping cost?

The cost of your hardscaping project is largely going to depend on how many elements you’re looking to get installed (e.g. a small patio vs a large outdoor kitchen with a pergolas.) For pricing, please contact us here.

Contact our Hardscaping Builders

With years of experience serving the Fox Valley community, you can rely on Fleming Group, LLC for professional hardscaping services. Call us at 920-378-4751 or email us at steve@fgllc.net and we’ll be in touch!